How to: hold a photo exhibition.

It sure was a long time since I posted something here but I have  just been so busy with getting everything together for my exhibition. It has been a thousand and one little things to do.


So how to prepare a photo exhibition? What do you need to think of and plan?

A place to hang ; your own place, at a gallery or a museum ?

Alone or with other photographers-artists ?

Pictures: which pictures do I want to show, printed or canvas, sizes, mount boards, passpartouts,  framed or not, how many, how and where do I hang them


Invitations: days, hours – opening and closing ceremony, send to whom


How to get the word out: media, posters, personal invitations

Opening ceremony: drinks and snacks, coffee and cake, candy, glasses and mugs

Pictures: prizes, dots to put on when sold, delivery after exhibition, bubble wrap and tape !

For me it started with getting the garage a makeover …ceiling, walls, lighting ( most important ) It turned out really good but it was a lot of hard work. The most expensive part was the lighting but since it’s the most important  ( besides the pictures that is) at an exhibition I did find some really good ones. It was actually thanks to a friend of mine who has a flower shop. ( Elins blomsterglädje i Svenstorp )

My daughter helped me to do a plan on how to hang the pictures and why we should hang them as we did. ( architect thinking )

Then it was just all about a hammer, some nails + concrete hooks and a level.


Keep your fingers crossed  since the exhibition is running all the way until the 7th april.



I’m waiting for the polar bears….

our little nook of the world looks like the arctic today….I wouldn’t be surprised if a polar bear would reveal itself on the ice along our shore !

DSC_8578_2 2


The ice age is here

A snow storm hit us hard Tuesday and it hasn’t let go of us yet. Hard winds and more snow has made our roads dangerous to drive on. Buses and trains don’t run. Schools are open for those who can walk there. I’m “trapped” out here in the countryside so what to do? Of course I just had to get some picture of all this. It was a little difficult since it was snowing so hard. The lens got snowy as soon as I took out my camera.

snow stormDSC_8494

First time I’ve seen the water frozen in the harbor. Can’t be good for the boats that are still in the “ice”.


A snow dune that looked like a sand dune that had been built up along the fishing huts.

fishing huts ©

On the other side the fishing huts where all winter dressed.


The water closest to the shore looked like a slushy drink.

ice age 2

The ice is building up and I couldn’t help but think of the ice age. Is it coming back?


Winter dressed trees and bushes are so beautiful though.


On the day three years ago I sat out here and had my coffee in the sun. (Facebook reminded me today)I washed the windows and did some gardening. Today we didn’t have coffee out here. It was hot coco with rum weather, inside by the fire place. Oops forgot the whipped cream on top.

Al Ain , an oasis in the desert

Al Ain is one of the world’s oldest permanently inhabited settlements, and a UNESCO world heritage site..

we visited the Palace museum, the former home of the late UAE founder , Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan. Built in 1937 and once a political and social hub.




Meet some Red Sea creatures

Red Sea is host to 1200 species of fish and then there’s the animals like turtles, sharks , dolphins and dugongs. Such a beautiful world below the surface.














the stone fish has got to be the ugliest one ( and it’s also dangerous)


and the guitar fish has the cutest snout of them all

Jeddah corniche at night

we had a wonderful stroll along the corniche last night. seems like everybody comes down here at night to walk, play, eat or just chat.









Jeddah corniche, old and new.

Today I had a taxi driver who drove me along the long corniche , the old one and the new one which I learned opened up in nov. last year. It’s beautifully done. Coastal road, recreation areas as walkways, gyms. Mosques, play parks for kids, large scale civic sculptures, loads of cafe’s and restaurants and of course hotels. The Jeddah corniche is 30 km long ! and I learned that Jeddah has a nick name – Bride of the Red Sea.

Interesting little tour…I was invited to breakfast with the fishermen !, learned a little arabic from the driver who didn’t know much english, smelled the ocean and felt the winds from it which is always nice.