The fog (2018) starring Susanna R

Today we could have made a rerun of the scary movie The fog !


there’s actually water to the left….to the right the “whatever” is on the move towards me……

the fog1

better get back home….it was wet , dripping fog…..


you never know what’s coming out of that…..

Learning about multi exposure pictures.

This weekend turned in to a weekend filled with practise and trying out new things with my camera. Actually it was a Nikon and a Canon camera getting a hefty workout with multi exposure, low key pictures, dynamic range extender and back- button focus. Inspirational and a lot of fun. I just hate being in front of the camera but this weekend I just had to play along.


My pretty friend and one of her favorites in her green garden, the artichoke and it’s beautiful leaves. My friend has green fingers so I thought it was a good idea to get a picture of something from her garden.

katrin o kim.2

Then I saw a picture of her beautiful mother and I just had to try and see what I could do. I have always thought that they look so much alike.

Then Katrin got some pictures of me…….

Sanna Mönster

it’s Indian block print pattern and colors on me.Love it.(credit Katrin Sörensson-Persson)

If you got some inspiration and want to try it out for yourself then these pictures where multi exposure ones. Go out there and try it out !


Pop art anyone ?

playing around with apps and pictures can be a lot of fun….this is what I did today just because …..

Sandhammaren , a preserve on the south coast of Sweden.

Today I went to Sandhammaren to test some things with my camera. So different around here in the wintertime. A lot less beach but more sea. No people ! Regardless of what time of the year it’s a  favorite place of mine. Love to go for  walks on the endless beach. Today I went to work with my camera. Testing a filter.

sandhammaren 1sandhammarensandhammaren3DSC_7228.1DSC_7250.1

as you can see this is where I removed the filter


refreshed and freezing cold  I left this special place curious of how my pictures would turn out. What do you think?

Supersuper moon visited us tonight.

The sky was filled with dark clouds and I could not see the moon until all of a sudden…. I grabbed my camera and ran down to the shore and got there just in time for it to disappear behind some massive clouds again !  Im not the one who gives up so I waited and waited, freezing my fingers off for around 20 minutes  but then it showed up from behind the dark clouds. it really was a supersuper moon. Wonder if I will get some sleep at all tonight..maybe I will be out howling?






tonight was good practice since it’s not easy to catch the moon.

First morning of 2018

Today the first of Jan 2018 started out along the shore together with my dear friend Katrin. Almost no wind and a couple of degrees celsius.

DSC_7008_2 2DSC_6987DSC_6978 2


Im happy to have a friend who inspires me when my inspiration is low. She’s a great artist and takes such artistic -esthetic pictures.

My 2017 in pictures

 It’s time to look back my on 2017. I have had a  a year filled with travels around the world,  but the biggest thing was leaving India and moving back to Sweden. Here’s something from each month for you to see.


ice popsiclesboat

Mild weather at home and so cold at my daughters place.


burj khalifa



Visiting my dear friend Kathy in Dubai, last visit to the Taj and experiencing a foggy Gurgaon.



Happy that I could visit my American family and celebrate my American moms 80th birthday…I so enjoyed my visit to California.



We travelled to Leh Ladakh, Himalaya and got to experience trying to run in the Himalayas at 4500 meters.



KI swimmer

I left India and all the wonderful people I have met through the years. It was with mixed feelings but I will cherish my memories from this colorful country.




Home sweet home with a new furry “friend” in our backyard, being able to ride my bike , long walks along the shore and the wonderful long Swedish summer evenings.




There’s nothing like Sweden in the summer.




Visiting one of the beautiful spots in Skåne- Kullen, having THE dip in the sea.



Mild and more sunshine than in the summer months made the flowers last.





Visiting family in Abu Dhabi, the Louvre, the Grand mosque and dune bashing.Great family time.



I wonder what 2018 will bring my way ?