Scotland of India, Coorg.

My hubby had his birthday last week so I decided to surprise him with a weekend trip to Coorg, the place called Scotland of India. We both like to walk, hiking, breathe fresh air and see new things so off we went in our car. Well, we didn’t drive. Our driver Ganga drove. When we asked about how long the car ride would be to get there everyone said around 5 hours but it actually took more than 6 due to the insane traffic in Bangalore. Took us 2 hours just to get out of Bangalore !

The drive up to Mandalpatti was an adventure. The last 30 min we jumped into a jeep and then we where shaken and stirred all the way up. Or as they say in Harry Potter-it’s going to ba a bumpy ride <:
Last part we walked up to the top.
It was a little hazy but still breathtaking views.
Beautiful hills.
Found some sort of orchid growing on the top.

Even though the ride up was a little rough at times it sure was worth it. Our jeep driver was really skilled. It wasn’t his first drive on the bumpy roads.

I’ll show more from Coorg but be prepared. We are using our legs on this trip. No rickshaw ride at all. Strap on your hiking boots and fill a bottle of water. We need to stay hydrated. Let me know when you are ready <:

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  1. Heftig trip👍 Härliga bilder🙏 Boots and waterbottles are ready😉🤗

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