Botlappa Cave temple hike in Coorg.

From our homestay Silver Brook Estate we decided to do a short 4 kilometer hike up to Botlappa cave temple. Beautiful but hot walk up through the coffee plantations and the jungle. A narrow winding road for what we thought bikers but no no no……it was for jeeps, cars and rickshaws. Amazing to get a close look at how people live around here. We met kids walking home from school and women who had been grocery shopping. We also met the greenest snake ever. Turned out it was not dangerous at all. So cool to be hiking in the tree tops in all the greenery.

Coffee everywhere…
The views where amazing
Lots of cute houses in the slopes and in the greenery. Sometimes difficult to spot due to the jungle.
Giant brugmansias among all the coffee.
A dash of color in all the green

Our little hike turned out to be longer and hotter than expected but it was totally worth every drop of sweat. Don’t miss the next post where I’ll show some picture of the temple itself.

Good shoes and socks are essential when hiking but also water ! See ya’ soon.

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    1. Vackert🙏 Alltid spännande att vara ute på äventyr 😅Can’t wait to see the temple🤗

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