Meeting some less privileged kids at a temple.

The other day I was visiting a temple when I met a big group of kids that where given milk, curd and some bread daily by an unknown NGO group. The kids spoke better english than I ever could imagine so it was really nice to get some pictures and let them have a look at how they turned out. Some too small to understand but it was still a nice moment and they giggled at themselves and asked me some questions. The young man from the NGO said that they try to teach them as much english as they can while they are in school. Unfortunately they have to quit at an early age to start earning some rupees instead.

Some where a little scared at first of the big camera and the strange woman, me.
On the other side of the wall is where the kids live
like this in sheds and tents .
Areas like this you can find all over the city. Once they start building on the plot they move on to the next one.

I still see the differences and I do reflect.


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  1. Thanks u for sharing this🙏 It gives us a picture of how priviledged we are ✌💕

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