A village filled with colours-Colours of India.

A morning ride along the road led me into this colourful little village. It was the temple that led me here but I didn’t even get a picture of it. Once I started getting pictures of the village itself I almost forgot about the temple. Then it turned out it was closed anyway. But I had a nice stroll in the tiny village in the early morning.

Walking into the village I never thought it would be colourful at all. I was just aiming for the colourful temple.
Yes, it was the green bucket that caught my attention . Also the electrical wiring that goes via the tree branch up into the palm tree and then ?..( starts between the pink and purple house )
Morning routines. Hair being braided for school and next door the wash is being done.
She was such a pretty girl.
Of course the village little snack shop was open.
Met this lovely lady who had dressed up to match the house, or maybe these where her favourite colours.
She didn’t think she was pretty enough for the picture ! I showed it to her and tried to explain that this is one of my favourite pictures and that she is really beautiful.

Visiting tiny villages out in the country side is something I really enjoy. Especially in the mornings ……before the heat sets in and the sun is too bright for any pictures. Hope you enjoyed the visit today <:

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  1. I enjoyed it very much, thank u🙏 Lovely colours and beatiful people 🤗 The way they fix the electical wiring in India facinates me☺

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