Last day of my photo exhibition.

Today is the last day of my exhibition, A Journey into the Soul of India. I’m both happy and sad. Happy that quite a few have come to look and also happy that I had the courage to do this here at home. Sad that it’s all over.

I’m pleased that I have raised some money for one of the poor groups in India, the brick makers, especially the children.



It feels good to give back to some of the people that have taken their time to talk to me and let me take pictures.

Now I need to sit down and evaluate and see what I could have done differently so that I know until next time if I should decide to do this again.

Dear readers, thanks for your support !

Brick by brick, earning 10 rupees=0.16 us $=1.37 Swe krona for 100 bricks !!!!

today I visited the brick makers again and brought some snacks for the kids but also some clothes for the youngest ones. I met the same family as I have done a couple of times before and they looked happy to see me again. I did meet a new girl in the family though..15 years old and they told me “not married yet”.

These poor people working long hours in the scorching heat every day. Today it was only 42 degrees Celsius and I was baking in the sun just  getting my pictures. They earn 10 rupees for every 100 bricks they make. The family moved here from Uttar Pradesh to work. Since this is an area where buildings are popping up everywhere and anywhere I guess the brick business is big bucks for the owners.



the smoke from these ovens are really unhealthy…


it truly is hard work and I wish that everyone once in a while would think about how working conditions are for some people in this country…..


15 years old and she told me she has only gone to school for a very short while


brick by brick










this was the girl I have met before and I asked her what she wished for and at that time she wanted to turn 18 to get fully paid….today I didn’t ask because she’s still not 18. She did look thinner than last time though and I wanted to know how she was but she just said fine. Just look at those eyes ! amazing…if you zoom in you’ll see me in her dark eyes.

I think this is one of my  favourite pictures ever.


I’m happy that I have taken the time to visit some of these places while living here. My heart is always heavy when I leave but I think that’s good. I think that we who live a privileged life need to see to understand. We need to feel it into the bones to understand how fortunate we are.