Botlappa Cave temple, Coorg.

About 4 kilometers up up up and then another 3-400 meters really steep you will find this cool temple. So worth all the sweat.

The rock formations are humongous when you stand beneath.
No sadhu around but a sign said ( I think since it was in Kannada) when they had the ceremonies up here.
Someone had been here right before us since the hibiscus was fresh.
This pile with terracotta I think was old ….I’m not sure but they looked old in an old way.

It’s a special feeling when you are high up in the tree tops and walking around in silence looking down into the greenery. Almost silence…all of a sudden a rickshaw comes along. But no rickshaw ride for us. We hiked all the way.

Hope you will join me on my next hike, next post. At the moment I’m not sure where I’m heading.

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  1. Åhhh så fint✌Här skulle jag vilja göra min yoga och meditation🙏💞

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