Cheeky monkeys in Nandi hills.

We stopped for breakfast at a restaurant along the road close to Nandi hills and all of a sudden I saw something swinging in one of the mango trees. Yes it was monkeys. It was a family of small macaques.

I assure you that they are fast when they want something….like food from a table.
cheeky look, don’t you think?
The older ones where busy with grooming while the youngsters where playing around among the guests.

Sorry for no update over the weekend but I have been traveling and I had no access to internet. I promise I will tell you all about our “rickshaw” ride to the mountains and what we did up there. So hang in there or hang on to the back, your choice.

Did you know that up to 16 people can ride in a black rickshaw at once ?! Well, “in” the rickshaw also means hanging on outside in the back and on the sides. Incredible <:

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