The smiling flower lady-the happy “mallaah” maker.

I met this happy mallaah maker just outside one of the many temples around. She looked so happy sitting there on the ground making the necklaces out of flowers. Her friend was sitting right next to her and they where chatting away. Of course I asked before shooting away but once I did this man came over and said ” what about me?” “Nope ladies only” I answered. He didn’t really get that I wasn’t interested in him. That happens when I’m out and about. Sometimes everybody wants their picture taken and sometimes it doesn’t matter if I take the time and show them what they look like. Then again sometimes I needs to stay in the moment. So the flower lady-ladies got all my attention that day.

A trio of ladies and a dog ! Modern and traditional.
Every day she’s out on the street making malaahs and selling them to the people that go into the temple for their praying ceremony – pooja, puja (hindi).
A needle and a thread is all you need and I guess some patience. Meditative work maybe .
While I was there they got some chai and even I was offered a cup but this time I kindly said no, thank you. But just look at that smile <:
There are some flowers that are divine and are the Hindu gods favourites . Red hibiscus, Parijata , Lotus, Marigold, Palash, Tulsi and Jasmine. I’ll try to explain which God prefers which one at another time if that’s ok with you. It needs a post of it’s own.

My little walks around the small “villages” feels like the most rewarding. I just wish that I knew the language so that I could communicate. Remember here they speak Kannada and I’m only familiar with Hindi and the two are so totally different with some few exceptions.

So hang in here and I’ll see if we can practise some words in Kannada. Malaah is the first one you get to learn. The h is silent !

So lets get back into our rickshaw and where we are going next? Let me think…..<:

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    1. Nice pics, lovely ladies🙏 I’m excited to learn about the Gods and which flowers they prefere🙏✌

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