Burj Kalifa dressed in different colors.

Every night there’s a light show …..amazing to watch….

830 meters high. 163 floors, cost 1.5 billion us dollars to build, worlds largest light show

Dubai Miracle garden.

Located in Al Barsha south ( next to the Butterfly garden) this park is the biggest flower park in the region. More than 45 million blooming flowers across 72.000 sq/m. An abundance of flowers and at first almost an overwhelming smell from all these flowers. You have to remember that Dubai is all desert so imagine all the water that is needed to keep these flowers alive.

DSC_7781_2emirates planeDSC_7855





Abra ride on Deira creek to the old souk, Dubai.

When in Dubai jump on an abra (old wooden boat) and head for the old souk in Dubai. it’s only 1 dirham. cheap, easy, fast and such a wonderful little trip on the water.


the old souk has everything you need and things you didn’t k now you needed. one street is all about gold and jewelry.


spices and different incense you can buy everywhere.


colors and vendors everywhere you look. Don’t forget to bargain !



A Journey into the Soul of India

After a lot of hesitation and thinking I finally decided to have an exhibition! So at the moment I’m busy as a bee trying to get the atelier together but also to get my pictures in order. What to show and what can I show due to space etc etc. A thousand things to think of.

It’s an exhibition with a purpose. I’m raising money for one of the poorest groups in the Indian society- the brick makers. The money I raise will go to medical support first and most to the kids growing up on the sites. So if you feel like donating please drop me a line.



Welcome Välkommen Willkommen Bienvenue

The fog (2018) starring Susanna R

Today we could have made a rerun of the scary movie The fog !


there’s actually water to the left….to the right the “whatever” is on the move towards me……

the fog1

better get back home….it was wet , dripping fog…..


you never know what’s coming out of that…..

Learning about multi exposure pictures.

This weekend turned in to a weekend filled with practise and trying out new things with my camera. Actually it was a Nikon and a Canon camera getting a hefty workout with multi exposure, low key pictures, dynamic range extender and back- button focus. Inspirational and a lot of fun. I just hate being in front of the camera but this weekend I just had to play along.


My pretty friend and one of her favorites in her green garden, the artichoke and it’s beautiful leaves. My friend has green fingers so I thought it was a good idea to get a picture of something from her garden.

katrin o kim.2

Then I saw a picture of her beautiful mother and I just had to try and see what I could do. I have always thought that they look so much alike.

Then Katrin got some pictures of me…….

Sanna Mönster

it’s Indian block print pattern and colors on me.Love it.(credit Katrin Sörensson-Persson)

If you got some inspiration and want to try it out for yourself then these pictures where multi exposure ones. Go out there and try it out !


Pop art anyone ?

playing around with apps and pictures can be a lot of fun….this is what I did today just because …..