About/ Om


I’m Susanna Rosén. Mother of three, swimmer, swim coach, scuba diver, photographer and school counselor. 

Southerner – Skåning by birth and boss of this here blog.

Glad to meet you !!

Sit yourself down, grab a coffee ( or a glass or two of champagne ) and stick around for a while,  will you?


So the “gal” behind this blog is:

 I’m based in Abbekås, a small fishing village with 750 people on the southcoast of Sweden. It’s quaint and just beautiful around here.

Before that I was based out of India , namely Gurgaon ( part of  greater Delhi in the north with around 32 million people !) for almost 4 1/2 years. 

My blogging started with me moving there in 2013 and I started a blog, thehouseofsusannablogspot.com (please have a look) 

 In the fall of 2015 I moved on to here, to WordPresss and I got my own domain name.


Welcome to my world. Hope you enjoy it.

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