At the top of Nandi hills

Sorry it took so long for me to get this post on the twin temple posted. My auto rickshaw driver got lost on the way home from Delhi so there was a slight detour ! So the Yoga Nandeeshwara is Lord Shivs final renunciation stage. The temple os not grand at all, just plain simple but worth the trip since it’s at the top of the hill ! Remember that the twin dates back to the 9th century and this one is supposedly older !(dating back to the Chola dynasti, longest ruling dynasti that ruled between 3 century BCE until 13th century CE)

we are on our way to the top of that hill ! but when I saw all these grapes I just had to get
out and get a picture. Don’t they look wonderful and so yummy?
Up up and up to about 1650 meters at the top. Different landscape with all these rock formations. So to the right in the picture is “tipu sultans drop”. It’s said that the sultan Tipu dropped his “not wanted” people from the top of the rocks.
ancient steps leading to the Yoga temple
leading all the way to the entrance
it holds a temple tank.
At the top overlooking the landscape
So this is the downside of India. You can always find a or many dumpsite,s of trash. The “funny” thing is that we where there on World environmental day and still many Indians just threw the trash all over the nature.

Have a nice day and enjoy whatever you are doing this summers day. I’m all into repair today. I’m not doing the repairs ! I’m just being around to see that everything is getting done. Usually days like this turns into a funny story after a while….only after a while. So I’ll be back a.s.a.p

7 thoughts on “At the top of Nandi hills

  1. Love seeing the parts of the world that I will never get to visit! Thank you so much!

    1. Im so happy that you like to look <: You know you could mother is coming in the beginning of July. Hugs and Love Susanna

  2. Those stairs Sanna. WOW! Love to learn something new every time I read something you write ❤️

  3. Thank u, Sanna for the lecture on Lord Shiva🙏 I like the simplicity of this Temple. Nice place for yoga🤗 Namaste🙏🙏💕

    1. I think you already know everything about the hindu gods but nice if I can add something new<: Thanks for always commenting.I love it<: kram

  4. wonderful write up.Photography is out of the world,how could one take a pic of a dumping place so beautifully. Iam speechless.I want to visit this temple right away.
    plan your

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