My journey into the soul of India.

I have just begun a new journey into the soul of India.This time based out of Bangalore, Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka in the southern parts of India. Totally different from the life in Gurgaon, NCR area Delhi.

I sure hope you feel like you want to hop on my auto rickshaw and ride along with me.

We live in an area filled with palm trees and flowers. Nice and green. Tropical, exotic and so beautiful.

Hope you like the start of my journey as much as I do. Please feel free to ride along.

See you later.

PS. Don’t know how much later though because I don’t have the internet up and running in my house yet !!!!

2 thoughts on “My journey into the soul of India.

  1. Hi Sanna! So exciting 🤗 I’m allready in your rickshaw waiting for take off✌

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