Sula vineyard in Gangedoddi village, Nandi hills.

A couple of days ago we where lucky to get invited to visit the Sula vineyard up in Nandi hills. I have tried Sula wine during our last stay in India and I wasn’t really impressed but they sure have improved. I ended up buying a couple of bottles of their BRUT.

KADU is their new line of wines and money from the sales go towards protecting the tigers around.
We got the full tour … outside a wine stomping room. Only used for getting pictures.
The KADU house was coming up. I guess it’s going to be an informative house about the tigers and what’s being done to help them survive us humans.
Among the vine. It’s not season to harvest the grapes as you can see. That’s being done in dec-jan.
Inside the fermentation is on it’s way.
We got to try 3 different KADU wines.
Love how this was done with corks and bottles<:
How to check the wine !

I wouldn’t mind going back when the grapes are being harvested. Maybe I know someone who would like to come with me ?

To the vineyard we are not travelling by rickshaw though. Just so you know.

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    1. Roligare med besök då det finns druvor på stockarna och skönare när det är lite svalare. Det var varmt!!!! Har ett annat ställe som oxå rek. <:

  1. Would love to visit the “Tiger vineyard” and the tiger infocenter 🤗🙏

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