Street life from the village of Varthur, Bangalore, Karnataka.

The drive to school goes through the small village of Varthur and it’s always fun with a narrow road which means you see a lot. By the way, by small village I mean small Indian village. Where I come from it would be a big city of 46.000 people.

The woman is selling water jars for a living.
So this is palm fruits from where you get palm oil.
Flowers to make malas. The flower necklaces for the puja-the praying ceremony or to actually put in your hair !
Mala vendor with her beautiful flower necklaces.
The other day they where handing out buttermilk to everyone due to something.

Hope you enjoyed the little ride with me in my rickshaw and that you enjoyed the views from it. The smells I can’t help you with so I guess you have to imagine what it smells like until you yourself travels here to get the whole experience including the honking of the horns which is a big part of traffic in India.

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    1. Thank you so much Sarvana. I love to wonder the villages and look at what’s going on. Be sure to have a look at my next post.

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