I’m waiting for the polar bears….

our little nook of the world looks like the arctic today….I wouldn’t be surprised if a polar bear would reveal itself on the ice along our shore !

DSC_8578_2 2


The ice age is here

A snow storm hit us hard Tuesday and it hasn’t let go of us yet. Hard winds and more snow has made our roads dangerous to drive on. Buses and trains don’t run. Schools are open for those who can walk there. I’m “trapped” out here in the countryside so what to do? Of course I just had to get some picture of all this. It was a little difficult since it was snowing so hard. The lens got snowy as soon as I took out my camera.

snow stormDSC_8494

First time I’ve seen the water frozen in the harbor. Can’t be good for the boats that are still in the “ice”.


A snow dune that looked like a sand dune that had been built up along the fishing huts.

fishing huts ©

On the other side the fishing huts where all winter dressed.


The water closest to the shore looked like a slushy drink.

ice age 2

The ice is building up and I couldn’t help but think of the ice age. Is it coming back?


Winter dressed trees and bushes are so beautiful though.


On the day three years ago I sat out here and had my coffee in the sun. (Facebook reminded me today)I washed the windows and did some gardening. Today we didn’t have coffee out here. It was hot coco with rum weather, inside by the fire place. Oops forgot the whipped cream on top.

Sandhammaren , a preserve on the south coast of Sweden.

Today I went to Sandhammaren to test some things with my camera. So different around here in the wintertime. A lot less beach but more sea. No people ! Regardless of what time of the year it’s a  favorite place of mine. Love to go for  walks on the endless beach. Today I went to work with my camera. Testing a filter.

sandhammaren 1sandhammarensandhammaren3DSC_7228.1DSC_7250.1

as you can see this is where I removed the filter


refreshed and freezing cold  I left this special place curious of how my pictures would turn out. What do you think?

Supersuper moon visited us tonight.

The sky was filled with dark clouds and I could not see the moon until all of a sudden…. I grabbed my camera and ran down to the shore and got there just in time for it to disappear behind some massive clouds again !  Im not the one who gives up so I waited and waited, freezing my fingers off for around 20 minutes  but then it showed up from behind the dark clouds. it really was a supersuper moon. Wonder if I will get some sleep at all tonight..maybe I will be out howling?






tonight was good practice since it’s not easy to catch the moon.

Kullens light station

is the  highest one in Sweden. Situated at 187.5 meters and it dates all the way back to 1561. Since 1751 more than 200 ships have become wrecks outside the horn with it’s treacherous rocks. Nowadays it’s a popular diving site because of the wrecks and very clear water.



all of a sudden I saw the sun right in the middle of the light station. Now that’s what I call solar energy.


stunning scenery. We where here early in the morning so we couldn’t climb up into the light station since it doesn’t open until 11.00 !!

Mother nature is fantastic

 Kullen, Kullaberg, Skåne, Sweden.

DSC_5827 3

DSC_5827 6


Kullen, Kullaberg, Skåne, Sweden.

Kullen has got to be one of the most beautiful spots in all of Sweden. I’m so happy that we paid a visit one early morning a couple of days ago.


Soooo worth a trip but be aware…it’s not the easiest place to explore. Small children can’t run around as they like and the climbs down the cliffs can be really challenging.


there’s different nature trails you can choose to get around and at some spot there’s actually a shelter so you can stay overnight. The Swedish ” right to public access” is amazing. Too bad not everybody understands how great this is and respects it.


not a bad place to anchor for the night



you can paddle sea kayaks and do some cliff climbing around here….there’s some people getting ready to repel down the cliff side. see them?


amazing that anything can grow among all these rocks


look at that tree with the roots !



amazing scenery ….Parishamn


all of a sudden the mist was creeping up on us like a ghost


 the scenery changed so fast


climbing up we could see it out over the water




while looking out over the water I all of a sudden saw two porpoises – tumlare. WOW !!

 you can actually go on a porpoise watching tour that leaves from Parishamn.



below is a map of Kullen if you’re up for an adventure !