Magical morning rays of light. Magiska morgonstrålar. ( Fyledalen, Sweden)

15 000 years ago in connection with the end of the ice age this valley was created. The valley has great biological and geological value. Beech forest that has been allowed to grow wild and old. Frogs and reptiles flourish. Common and rare birds of prey thrives in the surroundings. All species of bats that are known in Sweden have been found here and red deer likes the area. The area is often called northern Europes best place for winter bird watching for eagles.

Fyledalen skapades för ca 15 000 år sedan då istiden tog slut. Dalen har stora biologiska och geologiska värden. Ädelträskog som tillåts växa vild och bli gammal. Grodor och kräldjur trivs. Vanliga och ovanliga rovfåglar stortrivs i omgivningarna. Sveriges olika sorters fladdermöss finns här och hjortar rör sig i marken. Området kallas för norra Europas bästa ställe för  vinter fågelskådning av örnar.






if you want to catch some magical morning rays of light then you have to get out of bed early. Sunrise in these parts of the world happens around 5.52 ! Rise and shine.


Om Du vill fånga det magiska morgonljuset så måste du ta dig ur sängen och vara på plats runt soluppgång som är runt 5.52 i våra trakter just nu. Upp och hoppa !


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The ice age is here

A snow storm hit us hard Tuesday and it hasn’t let go of us yet. Hard winds and more snow has made our roads dangerous to drive on. Buses and trains don’t run. Schools are open for those who can walk there. I’m “trapped” out here in the countryside so what to do? Of course I just had to get some picture of all this. It was a little difficult since it was snowing so hard. The lens got snowy as soon as I took out my camera.

snow stormDSC_8494

First time I’ve seen the water frozen in the harbor. Can’t be good for the boats that are still in the “ice”.


A snow dune that looked like a sand dune that had been built up along the fishing huts.

fishing huts ©

On the other side the fishing huts where all winter dressed.


The water closest to the shore looked like a slushy drink.

ice age 2

The ice is building up and I couldn’t help but think of the ice age. Is it coming back?


Winter dressed trees and bushes are so beautiful though.


On the day three years ago I sat out here and had my coffee in the sun. (Facebook reminded me today)I washed the windows and did some gardening. Today we didn’t have coffee out here. It was hot coco with rum weather, inside by the fire place. Oops forgot the whipped cream on top.