Sunrise over Ystad, Skåne, Sweden. Soluppgång över Ystad.



Sunrise 1

5.47…here it comes

Good morning ystad 2

zoom in and you’ll see the city of Ystads landmark, the twin water towers


seconds later that moment was gone..but it sure was a beautiful sunrise


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Amber along our coast

We’ve had a couple of storms lately and I must say that while it was howling outside I didn’t have one positive thing to say about it. Now it’s totally another story. I must say that I’m quite pleased that we had some storms. All due to the fact that I’ve been finding pieces of amber every other day for the last two weeks. It’s such a joy to go on a treasure hunt along the shore!


 Amber is fossilized tree resin and  ows it’s existence to the defence mechanisms of certain kinds of tree. When the bark is punctured or infected, a sticky resin oozes out to seal the damage and sterilise the area. Some species of trees produce such copious quantities of resin that small creatures, as well as leaves and flowers from the trees themselves, get trapped.


It would be nice to make some jewelry out of the pieces, don’t you think?



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First morning of 2018

Today the first of Jan 2018 started out along the shore together with my dear friend Katrin. Almost no wind and a couple of degrees celsius.

DSC_7008_2 2DSC_6987DSC_6978 2


Im happy to have a friend who inspires me when my inspiration is low. She’s a great artist and takes such artistic -esthetic pictures.

Sunrise at 04.24 in Abbekås, Sweden.


breathtakingly beautiful


love the colors


our piece of paradise early early in the morning


right before the sun shows itself the sky turns all golden, like magic


a golden morning swim



turned my head before heading home and saw that they just missed the moon, hope they hadn’t planned to stop, hihi.

Miss you already….

it’s only been a couple of hours but I miss you, I miss you all already… until next time





heaven opened up for a short while…



 paradise regardless of weather