Extened exhibition and a chance to win a picture ?


Since I had a few people showing interest in my exhibition I decided to open it up again just for this weekend.

Saturday 14 April beteween 11-3 o´clock

Sunday 15 April between 1-4 o´clock.

If you share my blogpost and also write me a comment then you can win one of my pictures.



Last day of my photo exhibition.

Today is the last day of my exhibition, A Journey into the Soul of India. I’m both happy and sad. Happy that quite a few have come to look and also happy that I had the courage to do this here at home. Sad that it’s all over.

I’m pleased that I have raised some money for one of the poor groups in India, the brick makers, especially the children.



It feels good to give back to some of the people that have taken their time to talk to me and let me take pictures.

Now I need to sit down and evaluate and see what I could have done differently so that I know until next time if I should decide to do this again.

Dear readers, thanks for your support !

How to: hold a photo exhibition.

It sure was a long time since I posted something here but I have  just been so busy with getting everything together for my exhibition. It has been a thousand and one little things to do.


So how to prepare a photo exhibition? What do you need to think of and plan?

A place to hang ; your own place, at a gallery or a museum ?

Alone or with other photographers-artists ?

Pictures: which pictures do I want to show, printed or canvas, sizes, mount boards, passpartouts,  framed or not, how many, how and where do I hang them


Invitations: days, hours – opening and closing ceremony, send to whom


How to get the word out: media, posters, personal invitations

Opening ceremony: drinks and snacks, coffee and cake, candy, glasses and mugs

Pictures: prizes, dots to put on when sold, delivery after exhibition, bubble wrap and tape !

For me it started with getting the garage a makeover …ceiling, walls, lighting ( most important ) It turned out really good but it was a lot of hard work. The most expensive part was the lighting but since it’s the most important  ( besides the pictures that is) at an exhibition I did find some really good ones. It was actually thanks to a friend of mine who has a flower shop. ( Elins blomsterglädje i Svenstorp )

My daughter helped me to do a plan on how to hang the pictures and why we should hang them as we did. ( architect thinking )

Then it was just all about a hammer, some nails + concrete hooks and a level.


Keep your fingers crossed  since the exhibition is running all the way until the 7th april.