How to: hold a photo exhibition.

It sure was a long time since I posted something here but I have  just been so busy with getting everything together for my exhibition. It has been a thousand and one little things to do.


So how to prepare a photo exhibition? What do you need to think of and plan?

A place to hang ; your own place, at a gallery or a museum ?

Alone or with other photographers-artists ?

Pictures: which pictures do I want to show, printed or canvas, sizes, mount boards, passpartouts,  framed or not, how many, how and where do I hang them


Invitations: days, hours – opening and closing ceremony, send to whom


How to get the word out: media, posters, personal invitations

Opening ceremony: drinks and snacks, coffee and cake, candy, glasses and mugs

Pictures: prizes, dots to put on when sold, delivery after exhibition, bubble wrap and tape !

For me it started with getting the garage a makeover …ceiling, walls, lighting ( most important ) It turned out really good but it was a lot of hard work. The most expensive part was the lighting but since it’s the most important  ( besides the pictures that is) at an exhibition I did find some really good ones. It was actually thanks to a friend of mine who has a flower shop. ( Elins blomsterglädje i Svenstorp )

My daughter helped me to do a plan on how to hang the pictures and why we should hang them as we did. ( architect thinking )

Then it was just all about a hammer, some nails + concrete hooks and a level.


Keep your fingers crossed  since the exhibition is running all the way until the 7th april.



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