Bangalore Palace.

The other day we paid a visit to one of the top ten sights here in Bangalore. Well, top ten sights according to some tourist books. I can’t say if it qualifies for the top ten things yet….I need to do some more touristy things first. This is one of the places you have to pay entrance fee. If you then want to use your camera then you have to pay about 5 times the entrance fee !! Mobile users can do whatever they want !!!!!!!!! Irritating I must say. We did get the tour on audio for free though ( safety deposit of course ) and that was good since we did get some history told.

The palace was built between 1874 and 1878 for the young (minor) Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar 10 to live in while under his training in Bangalore. The palace is built in Tudor Revival style architecture.

I found some fun decor like this lamp. Who wouldn’t want to have this one at home?
Living room with amazing ceiling and those amazing windows.
love the iron railing <:
so this was the top spot at the palace. Best pictured from above I think.
The sofa is just beautiful. A really work of art.
Some of the decor was just sad and scary to see but those where the times back then. This is how the wealthy lived at that time. Hunting wild animals and using them as decor was the thing. I just wish they at least could have covered this beautiful elephants head before painting the walls or remove the paint !
Just made me sad !
This made me even more sad. Sad that they don’t have any curator who can keep it in shape or at least knows how to.
Beautiful ….LOVE the lighting in different colours <:
A jockey scale “chair”. First time I have ever seen one like this.
Wouldn’t mind having a green house like this !
zoom in and look at the furniture…..those branches are so huge. The palace grounds have been used for many concerts with international artists.
a beautiful place for a nap

The palace is worth a visit and it takes about an hour to see it all. You would think that since it’s a tourist place they could at least hang the art straight (many many pictures) I learn something new every day and this visit gave me some more insight in the life of the wealthy and the impact the Brits had on how life was lived at the time.

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  1. Thanks for the history lesson and lively pics🙏 The Palace is now on our places to visit list🤗 Wish u a happy day🙏🌞

  2. Many ups and downs, but as usual, really interesting and beautiful shots taken by you😘

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