Colourful stroll.

The houses here in the southern parts of India are a lot more colourful so it’s fantastic to have a little early morning stroll down a village street. Well, maybe not in all villages ……but for sure in this !

morning chores in almost every house
narrow alleys used for washing and hanging
this dog was so scared of me first….
the cutest little boy who walked with me and was so interested in the pictures in the camera. It was nice to be able to show him the pictures.
morning dishes and a little chat with a foreigner.
amazing colour scheme….and toe rings !
I love to walk around in neighborhoods , especially when they are so friendly as in this.

I hope you enjoyed the morning stroll and that the colours made you smile. I also hope your week has started out in a good way. Mondays are still Mondays unless you have vacation and maybe some of you have. I’m still struggling to get some sort of routine in my life. I’m that kind of person who needs routines to feel good. Anyhow, enjoy your day either in the grass with a good book or at the office.

Talk to you soon.

4 thoughts on “Colourful stroll.

      1. Tack, Sanna, för underbara bilder🙏 Härliga färger som gör en glad🤗 Enig med dig rutiner är bra att ha. Du hittar säkert dina vad det lider🙏✌

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