Hanging with the monkeys.

Since I was in the area (Gurgaon) I just had to see my old “friends” the langurs. It was almost exactly two years since my last visit. This time without my driver Pawan though. He had to give the cab driver directions over the phone so he was kind of involved <:

On the way we drove past the HUGE Hanuman who now has been painted all orange !
that morning I was just hanging with the monkeys
they have amazing tails…..they are so long so they are kind of all over the place <:
time for a dip, or at least a sip.
cool young one just hanging, or stepping on one of those long tails. Just look at those toes on the small one.
They are curious and playful and all over the place.
All of a sudden we saw two Indian mungos among the rocks…..I have to show even if the picture is not very good ( due to the fact that they where far away and I still don’t have any telezoom lens) It kind of looks like it have feathers don’t you think?

I’m sure happy we decided to visit even if the temperature in Delhi/Gurgaon was like 41 degrees celsius already in the morning. It’s such a cool place and amazing encounters.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend dear reader. See you soon.

3 thoughts on “Hanging with the monkeys.

  1. Härliga foton och en orange Hanuman!!! Munken ser verkligen ut som om den har fjädrar, läskig men fräck❣️

    1. Vet inte vad jag tycker om den orange Hanuman ! Visst ser mungon häftig ut och kul att få se en, el 2. Jag har beställt lite bilder av Manish att ha på väggarna. Ska göra en langur vägg. Fick tag på lite roliga detaljer. kram o tack <:

    2. Hej 🤗 Tack för härliga o skojiga monkey pics. Väldigt söta🐒 Har sett Hanuman i många sortens färger, men aldrig helt orange😜 Gillar mungon✌Take care i hättan🙏😘

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