My life after spinal fusion surgery- What can I expect while my bones are fusing?/ Mitt liv efter en steloperation av ryggen- Vad kan jag förvänta mig medan mitt skelett växer ihop?


Today it’s 4 days postop. Monday the 28th may I underwent spinal fusion surgery at Aleris in Ängelholm. I spent a little more than 24 hours in the hospital and then it was time to hit the road and get back home again. I did prep for the ride since it’s an hour and forty five minute drive to home. Picked up some medication at the pharmacy on the way also. These first days I’ve been taking a high dose of everything they gave me. I decided early on that I’m not going to be in unnecessary pain. The year leading up to surgery totally wore me out pain wise.


I got instructions to walk and move around but not to overdo it. 500 meters and a max of the double. This mornings workout  was a slow power walk to the pier and back home some core exercises. Then it was time for some coffee and a nap.


 the answer about what to expect  ” I haven’t got the slightest idea”. I just do.


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