Instant swimmer, just add water.

How I wish it was that easy !


Training season is again up and running here in northern India meaning that pools just opened up. You would think that they could have opened up a month ago since it’s been above 30 degrees celsius ever since, but India is a country filled with rules, regulations and bureaucracy. Applications, inspections, stamps and payment is part of that. From 1 april pools are usually aloud to open, hence all above is done of course. So now I have access to our pool in our society and to our pool at Kunskapsskolan International.

I must admit that I took the opportunity to swim while I was in California and I’m so envious of the programs at some of the pools over there. Take Stanford for instance, three opportunities every day for masters swimmers to work out with a coach and a group ! (and to practise at such a facility….hmmm, who wouldn’t want to swim every day)


Here it’s pretty much me and only me. Almost every time I swim I do get questions from Indians who would like to swim like I do and who wants to get the crash course in an hour !

This morning I had the pool to myself (almost) and did 3500 meters. Trying to take it easy and build up meters every day since I have a very troublesome back. The only time during the day I don’t have pain is actually when I’m swimming ( minus the flip turns)


Please let me know if you are interested in some workouts. Maybe there’s more lonely masters swimmers out there who could benefit from some different workouts.

By the way, congrats to all fantastic Swedish Masters swimmers who just finished off a great nationals again. I do try to follow your accomplishments  and maybe some day ……

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