Busy Saturday at the colourful temple

since we had a friend visiting us we wanted to show the colourful temple even though it was Saturday and thus filled with people.

lots of food where being prepared ….a group of kids ( actually everybody ) where intrigued by our visit since we where the only non Indians at the temple.


Nandi, Lord Shivs mount


Lord Shiv



Lord Hanuman


climbing into the tigers mouth …walking down the tongue


some of the temple cows….young ones



the temple Sadhu and I…this was the first Sadhu I met four years back and ever since I sit down and have a little “chat” every time we meet and every time I get his blessing




a big group of Sadhus waiting for the food that was being prepared at different spots around the temple.

this was actually the first time I saw the whole process of  the blessing of the food for the Sadhus who eat first and then they serve all the people at the temple.

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