Falcons in Dubai desert

we where so lucky while out in the desert… on our way out of the dunes this guy comes driving by with a falcon in his hand….what are the odds ?


such beautiful birds…


look at those claws


he had another one sitting in the front seat…one female and one male…do you know which is which ?


desert, dunes, sunset and top it of with some falcons with it’s trainer…lucky us !


my friend Kathy in action getting some fabulous pictures.. so the falcons are  trained for hunting…each one worth a great deal of money…



look at those feathers….wow ! such beautiful pattern


you could tell how happy he was for these birds…and we where happy that we got the chance to meet them up close.

oh, guess I have to let you know that the big one is the female, small one male.

ps.did anyone of you read the article about the Sheik who booked a whole plane for his 80 falcons ?

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