Sunset from Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

this morning we looked at the Burj Al Arab from here


while out and about this was our view….


and a couple of hours later this was our view ( from the little box to the left of the Burj on the picture above….the Skyview Bar.


wow, we where at the Burj having drinks and snacks and just enjoying ourselves


truly amazing and so wonderful to get to do this with a great friend….


we had Sky high’s and Eyes looking at heaven…yummy yummy ones !


my Sky High…hmmm…


sunset from up here was just so nice….overlooking Jumeriah Palm Island….


all pictures are taken through the THICK glass …you just don’t walk out on a balcony this high up… there’s some reflections here and there, I know..


the Burj lit up at night…see the ocean and the water rolling up on the beach reflecting on the Burj like a huge movie screen?

Thank you dearest Kathy for showing me your favourite spots in this wonderful city of yours…Dubai.

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