Working as a swim coach in India at Kunskapsskolan International is a lot of fun.

Working as a swim coach at one of our schools in India is slightly different from what I’ve done for about 35 years as a coach in Sweden but it’s as much fun. I do believe that kids are kids where ever they live on this planet. Energetic, eager to learn, some get it faster than others, some love the water and some don’t, some never feel cold and some always do.

 The group of kids I’m showing you pictures of today, grade 4-5-6 are so eager to learn and there’s so much energy in the group…they have been working on backstroke, freestyle and just started with breaststroke kick yesterday….twice a week I’ve had the pleasure of teaching them the techniques in the different strokes. Some of them can become really good competitive swimmers actually…they just have to stick with it and remember that

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out 















We only have a pool heated by the sun so now when the nights are getting cooler and cooler I’m sad to say that we have to close our pool….can’t wait until the month of march is here so that we can get back into the water again !

if you have any questions for me as a swim coach don’t hesitate to contact me at or


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