The most extravagant pool I have ever worked out in

I think this pool has got to be the most extravagant pool I have ever worked out in…for sure the pool at the highest altitude and with the most beautiful tiles ( in 1902 Lord Herbert Kitchener, a former commander-in-chief to India, purchased a “cottage” and named it Wildflower Hall, his personal retreat)…

IMG_2925 2


I was surprised to find out how the altitude effected me because it sure did…I was so out of breath the first couple of minutes…I really had to slow down and just cruise in the beginning

DSC_1349 2

the hotel had 2 pools, this indoor pool but also an outdoor eternity bubbel pool…it was so nice to relax outdoors after the hiking, with the views of the mountains and the nice fresh air surrounding you..this is truly a place I want to come back to.

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