An orchard and oak hike that smelled like

my childhood summers when running through the forest, down the path to the sea at my grandparents place…a summer forest filled with flowers and trees and wild strawberries….the smell of the pine….hmm, all of a sudden I so wished I could meet my grandmother just once again…incredible that a sensation can bring back memories like that !


this hike took us to the President of Indias helipad and summer residence through apple orchards and oak trees….


see the cleared area  for the helipad



just had to zoom in …..


the sky was just incredibly blue


the Presidents summer residence entrance…

DSC_1515 2

somehow life always finds a way


from the helipad we had a magnificent view…we actually saw the tip of our hotel..can you see? it’s to the left….this was the ridge we hiked on for almost five hours ….



I wish I could stand here forever…but I can’t and soon it’s back to reality. I do look forward  to Leh Ladhak in Jammu Kashmir though…which is  at about 6 000 meter!

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