Learning about multi exposure pictures.

This weekend turned in to a weekend filled with practise and trying out new things with my camera. Actually it was a Nikon and a Canon camera getting a hefty workout with multi exposure, low key pictures, dynamic range extender and back- button focus. Inspirational and a lot of fun. I just hate being in front of the camera but this weekend I just had to play along.


My pretty friend and one of her favorites in her green garden, the artichoke and it’s beautiful leaves. My friend has green fingers so I thought it was a good idea to get a picture of something from her garden.

katrin o kim.2

Then I saw a picture of her beautiful mother and I just had to try and see what I could do. I have always thought that they look so much alike.

Then Katrin got some pictures of me…….

Sanna Mönster

it’s Indian block print pattern and colors on me.Love it.(credit Katrin Sörensson-Persson)

If you got some inspiration and want to try it out for yourself then these pictures where multi exposure ones. Go out there and try it out !


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