Delhi – San Fransisco in 15 hours

It sure was a long haul – 15 hours in the air and a time difference of 13.3 hours , but now I’m home in my California home !  so what to do to keep awake all day today ?

I hiked in the California hills….


so beautiful and such a blue sky….hoping for mountain lions !





I actually hiked the old mining trail….yes, this is an old mining area with traces of it all over…so cool.The traces of the flooding that hit this area just a couple of weeks ago. where obvious at some parts.Some of the trails where closed due to this.



this is good for the soul..walking, breathing in fresh air and taking in the views.



wonderful colours in the old rocks ( do zoom in)


no mountain lions today but I did see lots of deers peeking at me.

Great first day….my soul got what it needed.

3 Comments on “Delhi – San Fransisco in 15 hours

  1. Susanna!
    Vilka fantastiskt fina bilder!
    Härligt att se dina upplevelser!
    mvh Tina Bäckarslöf, (AnnCharlotts vännina)

    Liked by 1 person

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