The Hot Sulphur Spring in Sohna

and it’s famous Shiv Kund, and an ancient Shiva Temple.

The last couple of days when I haven’t had any internet I started going through my pictures. I found some “old” ones that I haven’t shown you before….


the hot water from the earth is collected in a tank, kund, it’s around 55 feet deep, and it’s covered with a tomb….you can see one of the tubs(right) where people wash both themselves and their clothes.


I could feel the heat from the hot water through this opening…steam was coming out…it’s a natural hot spring with sulphur mixed water and it’s said that the water is curing skin diseases…so people from all over the state come to this place to get cured.


special entrances for ladies who wish to spend time in the hot water…and No, I didn’t try it out. see the small plant breaking through the concrete ?


bells are part of a temple


 people live right in the  middle of the kund and the temple.



best part of the visit was the walk through the village.


narrow alleys….so narrow that I do wonder how the cars got in there ?



wonderful havelis and fun solutions….


in this one I didn’t see any car though…not even a bike actually.

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