For the less fortunate….

Saturday we did a good deed.We filled our car with clothes, fabric and some goodies and drove to the brick makers place. Winter is here so the nights and mornings are cold and if you don’t have clothes for the winter and if you live under the conditions theses people do then you can need all the help you can get. My drivers family had collected a lot of fabric and cooking supplies. Me and my hubby did some cleaning in our wardrobes  and then I brought some snacks and food, even candy .

Isn’t this was Christmas is all about? We who have everything and then more …I must admit that these visits aren’t easy.It leaves me with a hole in my heart. I see all these kids with absolutely nothing. Some not even clothes or shoes.



Then we drove to this lovely woman who takes care of her 4 grandchildren. Accident in the family left her alone with the kids. So some clothes, a few toys and some food made their day. She rents a piece of land where she grows flowers to sell  so of course I always buy some of her. She even through in a whole bunch of vegetables too !






my heart was heavy but happy that we did go.

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