How to get some Christmas feeling in India

living abroad and in a country where daytime it’s still above 30 degrees celsius means you have to find out how to get some Christmas feeling …since today it’s the first Sunday in advent I decided to make gingerbread cookies..that means making the dough from scratch !!!…here are no stores where you can go and pick up some ready -made gingerbread dough like at home home…living in another country also means that you will not find all the ingredients you are used to so some have to be replaced with similar ones…hmmm I’m not sure what these will taste like but it sure smells good and kind of gingersnappy….

I put on some Christmas music and some Christmas lights …if I could make my post into a smelly one I would

some Swedish glögg (mulled wine) has found it’s way all the way to India ! and remember my easy-to-make stars?

if anyone is interested in the recipe please let me know and I’ll post it but I do have to taste them first…will let you know if they are edible and eatable

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