I’ve got a monkey on my kitchen balcony

today the monkey on my kitchen balcony was back and he almost scared me to death…you see it’s not really what I expect to find staring at me when I walk into my kitchen which is on the 20th floor….


the sneaky little thing, well, quite big for being a monkey started to try and open my windows and when that didn’t work he tried the door !!! I’m so happy that it was locked…I did stand there and held the door though…just in case !

they are so smart….he tried the knob and everything else he could think of….

when he didn’t succeed he just had a moment….a looooooong moment, like 15 minutes long…..


“I can see you and I know you’ve got goodies in there”


a monkeys view from the 20th floor…








“she called security so I better climb to someone else’s balcony” and off he went.

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