Road trip to the Himalayas

we decided to drive to our resort in the Himalayas and what a beautiful road trip it turned out to be…it’s literally breathtaking !  the winding roads takes you higher and higher..



since our lovely maid is from Shimla we invited her and her family to come along so that they could visit her mother






and there it was..our hotel..


wow !! I think we will be just fine


we just had to do a short hike the first day so we did the wild strawberry trail….and as soon as we sat foot on the trail we met a Himalayan Yak !

wild strawberry plants all over , yellow or white flowers and so many other flowers that we can find back home also


as soon as there was an opening among the trees this was the view…the mountains you see with snow are 6000 meters high !! truly amazing experience

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