Holi, the festival of colours

started with Lath mar in Barsana in the state of Uttar Pradesh on the 17th march. Tens of thousand of people gather in this little village (9 500 people) to celebrate holi.Legend has it that Lord Krishna was visiting his beloved Radha, who lived in Barsana, on this day and he was teasing her and her friends. The women found this offensive and chased him away. Ever since, the men from Krishna’s village, Nandgaon play/celebrate holi this way together with the women from Barsana……I knew that I would get water and colours thrown at,on me so I started out by totally covering my camera in plastic bags since I didn’t have any raincover for it. Not easy to handle after that but, Oh so neccessary!













 I was very colourful when I jumped into the car to go home, but first I had a little detour…I visited the men preparing themselves in Nandgaon….so stay tuned for part two of Holi…and for all of you interested…the colour washed out..almost all anyway…I just have some new pink highlights !!

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