An abandoned Haveli caught my eye.

I’m not sure if it really is a Haveli, maybe just an old house but it must have been so beautiful way back when someone lived here. I met the family who lived across the street and they told me that it was a very wealthy family who once lived here but they disappeared and ever since it has been abandoned. I just had to have a look ..want to join me?


the carvings where just gorgeous.the woman from across the street followed me in and was really interested in getting a camera.Well, she actually wanted to buy mine…..for nothing. I had to tell her that I don’t sell my “chhotee bebee” , my  small baby. That didn’t scare her off though.


looked like a bird cage but slightly big bars, don’t you think?  I also spotted a hoopoe, some sort of Indian woodpecker .


I stepped inside and found this courtyard…wow, this could have been so cool.Imagine it  with some palm trees and other green plants and a fountain…and no cow dung on top of the roof bars !!! too bad it was too dark to show you the rooms behind the doors…



I just had to get a picture of the family … pretty cool picture from an abandoned old Haveli.


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