Sadhus-Sadhvi at a temple in sector 21, Gurgaon, India

Sadhu’s, Indias holy men, at a temple in sector 21 Gurgaon, India

 this was actually the first time I met a “holy woman” and I learned that she is called a sadhvi and I also met the sadhu with the longest hair I have ever seen. dreadlocks as long as he himself ! wow !

(sadhus-sadhvis are solely dedicated to achieving moksa,(liberation), the fourth and final asrama (stage of life) through meditation and contemplation of Brahman)

I hope you know that you can click on each of the pictures and have a look at each one individually.

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  1. Hello Susanna, when I watch your pictures I realise that I am a real amateur. There is so much that Ican learn from your pictures. Am glad that I can watch them! Looking foward to many of your new shots.

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