Puja at different occasions, frequency and settings.

 if you are a Hindu the puja, pooja, the prayer ritual can be done at different occasions, frequency and settings.


A puja can be done at home, at temples, daily or at occasional ceremonies and annual festivities. It may be a few lifetime events such as a birth of a baby or  wedding.



Pu or Pushpam means flower and Ja stands for  Japa or chanting the holy names of Gods/Godesses. Offering flowers to Deities is an important part in Hindu worship.


when offering the flowers it transmits the persons “bhava”, emotion and the hindu is literally requesting the God/Godess to grant health, wealth and happiness.

Majnu-ka-tilla, the Tibetan colony, is really worth a visit when in Delhi.

a visit to Majnu-ka-tilla is, in my eyes, among the top ten of things to do in Delhi

I really recommend it

the colony was established in 1960 and is officially called New Aruna Nagar Colony, or Samyeling (Little tibet), and is home to second generation of Tibetan refugees


the temple is in the middle of the village square


praying wheels everywhere


herbs and other interesting things for sale instead of traditional medicin


every time I visit I buy some yak blankets from the local market so for no other reason than that it’s worth a visit.

A foggy morning


it sure was a foggy or should I say misty morning ?

Kunskapsskolan Internationals, KI, first day with sports activities

students from Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon spent the morning at KI and did archery, soccer, tennis, basketball or marshal arts and it was so nice to see activity on the fields and hear happy kids !




a fun filled morning with lots of energy

I can’t wait to see it every day.


A walk for a cause – a Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk

“The Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk is an english guided tour of almost 2 hours conducted by kids who used to live in the streets of Delhi before joining our trust.”

“Those who take the City Walk Tour through the streets of inner city of Paharganj and the area around New Delhi train station, led by a child who was once living and working on the streets will experience a special tour far from the tourist main attractions.”

if interested to find out more about the Trust and the wonderful work they do do, please have a look at SalaamBaalakTrust


 it was a great tour and it was so nice to meet and interact with the boys living at the shelter….they where amazed that I knew a little hindi !!


Magical sunset in Goa.

it doesn’t get more magical than this





together with the best company ever (our daughter with husband) and a drink in our hand we watched the sun set in this spectacular way

magical moments

Yellow fields of…..


mustard !

it really looks like the fields in the southern parts of Sweden in may but here I am in India and it’s january.


Only we don’t grow mustard…..(that becomes mustard oil, seeds and the leaves are eaten as a green vegetable usually mixed with spinach)


same same but very different

but it sure makes me long for those beautiful yellow fields in may.